About HHS

The Highlands Historical Society is a non-profit society dedicated to the awareness and preservation of the historical resources of the Highlands community of Edmonton.

HHS Mission Statement

The objectives of the Highlands Historical Society are:

  • Develop an awareness of the history of the Highlands
  • Provide services and engage in projects which will enforce the essential characteristics of the Highlands & create community pride
  • Provide a liaison to other existing organized interests in the Highlands and outside organizations with interests similar to that of the HHS
  • Provide advice and services respecting any one or more of the following, namely:
  • Development of a comprehensive chronology and history of the Highlands area, including an archive and/or
  • Inventorying of community resources
  • Development and maintenance of appropriate landscapes and streetscapes
  • Development and publication of documents relative to the history of the province of Alberta

HHS Board of Directors

The HHS Board is voluntarily staffed by a board that is voted in by the Highlands Historical Society members at the Annual General Meeting in November.  The 2016/2017 Board of Directors are:

  • President: Laurel Erickson
  • Vice-President: Johanne Yakula
  • Secretary: Melanie Moore
  • Treasurer: Cathy Chalmers


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