307617 HighlandsCoverMy Heart’s in the Highlands by Ken Tingley provides a history of the development of the Highlands community. It features pictures and stories about many of the original home owners and the most significant historical buildings. Available at Mandolin Books and Audrey’s Books for $29.95.

MacGrath MansionThe Magrath Mansion souvenir book by the HHS contains a complete history of this iconic building as well as several full color photographs of the interior. Available at Mandolin Books for $14.99.

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Published in 2018 to commemorate our 30th Anniversary, the James Bond Steele Diaries follow the daily life of the one room schoolteacher who taught children of settlers in early Edmonton, including what is now the Highlands. Transcribed by David Ryning, and edited by Melanie Moore and Robyn Fowler, this book is available at our events, Mandolin Books, Audrey’s book store and the Provincial Archives Gift shop for $30.