At Home with the Heards today!



Make sure to join us today for our At Home with the Heards at the Bury Residence for our last event of the 2019 season! Drop in between 1-4 pm (Come & Go).

At the John Bond house aross the alley, experience some warm hospitality with the Picks for some free wine & baked goodies. Please use the backdoor.

This is a members only event, but membership will be available for purchase at the door!

1st stop – The Bury Residence (The Heard’s: 11122 – 62 Street and across the alley
2nd stop – The John Bond Residence, (The Pick’s) 11127 – 63 Street

Free wine! Not a trick!

See you there!


Tonight’s Sketching History Exhibit Launch


Marlena Wyman, Edmonton’s Historian Laureate, invites you to tonight’s launch of “Sketching History: Rediscovering Edmonton’s Architectural Heritage through Urban

Some sketches of Highlands will be included in this exhibit from our Sketch-out of the Owens Residence earlier this year!

We invite you to join us:

Wednesday November 20, 2019 from 5pm to 8pm
Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre
10440 – 108 Ave (this is an accessible venue)

I am curating “Sketching History” as the major project for my Edmonton Historian Laureate term. This exhibit encourages
visitors to rediscover Edmonton’s fascinating built and natural heritage through artworks by members of Urban Sketchers Edmonton, along with stories of the locations that we have sketched. My hope is that this project will engage and connect us all with
the value of Edmonton’s heritage and with our identity as a city. – Marlena Wyman

The Gullions: A reunion of descendants of the original “Highlands” River Lot families

Gullion group photo 2019 Reunion

By Carol Snyder

Since 1983 I have lived on the land once claimed as River Lot 32 in what became the City of Edmonton.  I became very interested in the first people who settled on this land and have spent many years researching the families, and meeting many descendants.

The Gullion brothers had arrived from Scotland to work in the fur trade with the Hudson’s Bay Company.  River Lot 32 was settled by James Ingram Gullion, and his brother George Gullion claimed River Lot 34, just to the east.

An article I wrote for The Highlands Record, Fall 2013, (Before The Highlands: Gullion Homesteads Circa 1870) was posted on the internet and Andrew Gullion, a great grandson of George Gullion, saw the article and contacted me.  He was very interested in his Gullion family roots.  Born and raised in Slave Lake area, Andy, the youngest of 11 children, had early contact with many of his Gullion relatives.  At the time Andy contacted me, I had started to write a book “After the Fur Trade: Living on the Land”, with stories of four of the families that claimed River Lots in the area that became The Highlands.  Andy travelled extensively in Alberta and B.C. searching for cousins, gathering their family tree information, and early family photos.  Much of the information gleaned by Andy is included in the book, providing a very large chapter about George Gullion and his descendants.

As a direct result of my book, enough interest was created within the extended Gullion family that they decided to hold a family reunion.  I was very pleased to attend the event, held in Athabasca, in August 2019.  The photo shows a large group of 50 adults and about 6 children.  Another 50 people had also expressed interest but had other events that prevented them from attending.  Andy is enthusiastic about hosting another Gullion Family Reunion in 2021, with ample notice given so that more people will be able to attend.  Many Gullion cousins were pleased to be in touch again after years with no contact.  I was very pleased to meet people whose names had been recorded in my book.  It is interesting to note that two of Andy’s cousins, whose families had lost contact, turned up living on the same street in St. Albert one block apart.  Because of my book “After the Fur Trade”, they reconnected and are continuing a friendship that began in childhood.

Many of the Gullion descendants have visited The Highlands area, and have also taken photos at the James Ingram Gullion bench at 64th Street and Ada Blvd.  We hope that a planned look out near the stairs to the 50th steet pedestrian bridge, will be named George Gullion Look Out.

Writing about and meeting the Gullions has been a wonderful experience for me.  Who knew that the “side effects” of delving into this family would provide me with such good friends and acquaintances?  It has been very rewarding!

– Carol Snyder

Don’t miss the AGM Round-up!


Don’t miss the Highlands Historical Society Annual General Meeting!

Why should you be here:

  • The ghost of William Magrath (Sid van der Meullen, a former Highlander) makes a surprise presentation
  • Roundup of our busy 2019,
  • A Glimpse at 2020 (why you should renew your membership!)
  • Coffee and snacks.

Where: Highlands United Church

When: 1 pm Saturday Nov 23rd

At Home with the Heards

Bury house 1947

Come and visit the Heards and see their beautiful home, dressed for the season. This home was once owned by Mayor Ambrose Bury and his family. After, come across the alley for some Christmas Cheer at Bill Pick’s home, once owned by John Bond and his family.

This is a members only event, but you can buy an annual membership at the door!

Place:    The Bury house, (The Heard’s) 11122 – 62 Street and across the alley at the John Bond house, (The Pick’s) 11127 – 63 Street

When: 1 – 4 pm, (Come and Go) Sunday Dec 1, 2019