When Opportunity Knocks: The Gibbard Block Sees Old Doors and Radiators to New Homes


The Highlands Historical Society was very fortunate to have been invited by Sparrow Capital (currently restoring the Gibbard Block) to send off old doors and radiators for a new life.

The doors and radiators from the historic Gibbard Block were offered by Sparrow Capital to anyone with a use in mind for these ornate and sentimental remnants. Sparrow Capital graciously hosted the Highlands Historical Society in order “to promote the awareness and preservation of historical resources within the Highlands” and accept donations for heritage initiatives.


Sparrow Capital has invited the new owners of these “doors and rads” to share photos of their new life for “posterity,” adding to the archives of the history of the building.

Sparrow Capital shows ongoing support to the Highlands Historical Society by hosting our monthly board of directors meetings in their state-of-the-art cowork meeting space in the Gibbard Block beginning August 2019. They have also extended an offer to our members until June 1 offering one free month with any cowork space billed annually. Refer to our last blog post for more details on your member benefits.


We are excited to have received many generous donations at this event in honour of the Gibbard Block.

THANK YOU Sparrow Capital, and to everyone who is bringing new life to times past!


Photos Courtesy of Michael Mroch

  1 comment for “When Opportunity Knocks: The Gibbard Block Sees Old Doors and Radiators to New Homes

  1. Antoine Palmer
    May 9, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing this.

    Antoine Palmer President, Sparrow Capital

    w: http://www.sparrow.capital p: 1 780 970 0763 e: antoine@sparrow.capital

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