Pencil in the date for Urban Sketching in the Highlands

Urban Sketchers Edmonton
Photo Courtesy: Urban Sketchers Edmonton

On June 1, join the Highlands Historical Society and Edmonton’s Historian Laureate, Marlena Wyman, as we sketch the Owens Residence in Highlands followed by other heritage homes nearby. Marlena leads her 2-year term as Edmonton’s 5th Historian Laureate by chronicling the history of Edmonton through journaling and sketching around the city.

Photo Courtesy: Mike Ewanus

Try your hand at sketching a piece of Highlands History. Bring a pencil and paper or more, if you have never sketched before, you won’t be alone.

The “Owens” house has been called the most historically important in the Highlands. Architecturally, it is a classic “American FourSquare” style. Herbert Owens was a retired British naval captain. He and his wife Eda rented this house starting in 1914. Herbert was a weather station manager and had a bright red weather tower, roughly twice as tall as the house, built in the backyard.  When war broke out, Herbert volunteered and left Eda to act as the “weather lady”. Herbert died in 1917, and Eda kept the job until 1943. She climbed the tower and collected 26 readings every morning before 6 am. At the peak, she received and analyzed reports from 100 weather stations a day. Eda was the first female meteorologist in the Commonwealth, maybe the world.

Meet us June 1st at 11 AM in front of the Owens Residence at 11227-63 Street.  (Rain out, Highlands Junior High). This event is free.

At 1PM, we will retire to the Highlands Golf Course to share sketches and good company. Drinks and food are available for purchase.

We are excited to invite artists of all skill levels and all ages to sketch with Marlena and Urban Sketchers Edmonton in the Highlands. Please bring everything you might need to sketch (pen, pencil, notepad, paper etc).

Sketch you later!


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