Marlena Wyman opens her exhibit “Sketching History” at the Prince of Wales Armouries


On November 20, 2019, the Prince of Wales Armouries opened their doors to launch a new exhibit on Edmonton’s architectural heritage through the medium of sketching.


Marlena Wyman, Edmonton’s departing Historian Laureate, and members of Urban Sketchers Edmonton showcase the historically unique and significant locations in our city. Working with the Edmonton Historical Board and the Edmonton Heritage Council, Marlena began a project of sketching the history of many important Edmonton buildings and locales (some fated to be demolished), documenting and archiving them for future generations.

“The sketches in the exhibit …”, says Marlena, “highlight the character and detail of heritage architecture and landscape that we often overlook as we pass by in hurried everyday life.” The exhibit is designed to connect us to our history and “discover the stories behind the walls.”


We had the privilege of working with Marlena and Urban Sketchers Edmonton this summer as we gathered at the Owens residence, one of the the most important homes in the Highlands, for a fun afternoon sketch-out.


See amazing sketches of this home, more of the Highlands and the rest of her project at this impressionable new exhibit through December 2020 at the Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre.

Photo credit Ted Smith


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