Highlands School Reunion – Commemorative Medallion


As we watch the rebirth of the Highlands School, we can’t help but look back at her long history.

Does this look familiar to you?

This medallion was produced by the Alberta Mint in Fort Saskatchewan to commemorate the Highlands School Reunion in 1976. We are grateful to long time member Nykie Starr, and Alene Carter at the Beverly Historical Society for sharing.

The following was on a display card around the coin.

“On October 29, 1910, the Highlands School district was established and a two room school was planned. It would be 3 or 4 blocks from the streetcar line, and measure 30 ft x 36 ft and was not to cost more than $2500. On October 14th of that year tenders were called form the digging of the basement.

“During construction, classes were held in a temporary building.

“The first school was a 2-storey building of wooden construction and was first used in 1912. M.B. Scarth is listed as the first Principal. This building was moved, by a steam driven tractor, in 1933 to 50th street and 118th Avenue to be used as a grocery store.

“In July of 1914, builders were rushing construction of a new 17 room school to cost $135,000. It was being built between Bailey Ave and Alberta Ave on the East side of Johnston St. as shown on a 1912 subdivision plan of the Highlands in Edmonton. This was across the street from the original school; the present address being 11509 62 Street.

“In 1914, Edmonton had a population of 72,614 and had 21 public school buildings. A Mr. Balfour was the first Principal of this school. In 1918, a Miss Griffith was appointed Vice-Principal. Five rooms were completed on the second floor and used as a normal school in 1921. Doctors D. Dickie and Wm. McCalla were the teachers with 130 in attendance. The normal school remained until 1930.”

Can anyone help us?  Were you there? Do you know anyone who might have been?

We’d love to know any details you may remember

  • Who was there? e.g. Former students? Normal school students? Teachers? Was it targeted at people from the Normal school?
  • Where was it held?
  • What form did it take? (a dance? a party? speeches?)
  • Any idea why 1976?

Please send any information to: VP_edmontonhighlands@gmail.com

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