Highlands Streetscapes

As spring weather approaches and we enjoy the new sidewalk along Ada Boulevard, we thought this brief article from the Highlands Historical Foundation newsletter (Spring 2002 Volume 13 No 1) might be fun to revisit.  The article was written by Wayne Tedder, who served for a time as HHF president.


In this rural-looking scene, a well-maintained section of Ada Boulevard crosses a shallow wooded ravine at the site of the future 53rd Street intersection.  Fairways of the Highlands Golf Course and the downtown skyline dominated by the Macdonald Hotel can be seen in the distance.  In the foreground, wooden steps lead up to residences on the east side of the ravine.  The tops of several large houses can be seen further west along Ada Blvd. 

This section of road had been constructed about ten years before the photo was taken.  Before that, a rough dirt trail arched north towards 111th Avenue to go around the ravine.  In the late 1940s the ravine was filled in, and several of the houses now located at the south end of 53rd Street were built there.  However, the lower vestiges of the ravine still add to the challenge of the par 3, third hole, of the Highlands Golf Course.

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