Dylan Reade Presents “Peeling Back the Grid”

Restoring “First Families” of the Edmonton District to their proper places on the map

This presentation is not made with the HHS, but it is of general interest to our society.

Dylan Reade is a documentary filmmaker. He has worked with the National Geographic, and his work includes Orangutangs, the Rolling Stones and lots in between. In the last few years, he has concentrated his work on the early history of “Beaver Hills House”, what we now call Edmonton. In the fall of 2019, he presented to the HHS. His talk called “Highlanders before the Highlands” was about the lives of the Gullions, Borwicks and Frasers before they settled in our river lots. He has continued his work.

His latest presentation will be on Thursday May 26 at 7 pm (Zoom). “Animated maps and little-known genealogical resources help point the way to rebuilding the larger and older story that lies beyond the false boundaries of our River Lot narratives. A rediscovery of community in the days before scrip, survey or Reserves.”

Here is a link for more information and to register


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