This Old Edmonton House Seminars

This Old Edmonton House

Spring courses start soon!

Houses that are more than 50 years of age often have issues that are not easily addressed by trades and designers who deal with contemporary buildings. This may include questions around mechanical systems, foundations, restoration of flooring and millwork, historic colours, repairing plaster walls and so much more…

Help is on the way. Every year the City of Edmonton’s Heritage Planners put on a series of seminars that were created especially for old house owners. Learn how to research the history of your home at the City Archives – then you might want to apply for one of the Highlands Historical Society’s plaques for your home!

New this year (April 23rd) is “Historic Interiors”, a tour of Rutherford House by the University of Alberta led by Johanne Yakula – one of the Highlands Historical Society’s own board members.

These are excellent courses and the prices charged are nominal. For more information on how you can register, click here: This Old Edmonton House. 

Hope to see you there!

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