Events in 2018

Save the date for these 2018 upcoming events:

  • March 31st: Gibbard Block Open House (Members free, Public $5)
  • April TBA Speaker #1: Aviation History (Members free, Guests $5)
  • June TBA Speaker #2: Coal History (Members free, Guests $5)
  • July TBA: Historic Edmonton Open Doors Festival:
  • Walking Tours: (members free, Public $5) Bus Tours (Members free, Public $10)
  • July TBA: Open House Fundraiser
  • October TBA: 30th Anniversary Celebration/James Bond Steele Book Launch
  • November 24th: AGM (Public)

  1 comment for “Events in 2018

  1. Allen Waddell
    April 7, 2018 at 12:18 am

    Thanks for the opportunity to visit such a historic venue. It was so very interesting to see the lay out of it and hear some of the stories. I also have a few photos of rekatively the same things but don’t mind sharing.


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