Highlands Historical Society Plaque Month: Go on the Plaque Hunt!

To celebrate May and the return of spring, the Highlands Historical Society has declared this Plaque Month! As you stroll around the Highlands neighbourhood you will have noticed that Decorative Historic Plaques adorn many homes and businesses. These plaques reflect the interest and support our community has for its history by identifying the year the building was constructed, as well as the original owners of the homes and businesses and their diverse occupations.

The Highlands Historical Society would like to challenge our members to see how many plaques you can locate during the month of May. First, download the plaque chart below and print it out. When you locate a building displaying a plaque, please record the following information:

The date of the building
The building’s original owner
The occupation of the original owner

Fill out the chart and email it to: marketing.edmontonhighlands@gmail.com


Complete the entry form by hand and drop off your entry to 6526- 111ave. (mail slot)

Each decade contains a bonus question with a clue.

The completed form serves as an entry into a draw which will be held the first week of June. Five entries will be drawn for prizes from our local Highlands businesses. Winners will be notified by phone.

For an additional entry, upload a photo of your favourite plaque to Instagram with the hashtag #yeghighlandsplaquehunt or #yeghighlands and tag @yeghistoricalhighlands!

The deadline for both drop-off and email entries is May 31, 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck and enjoy your research!

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