YOU are Highlands History

Are you tired of being isolated? Let’s turn that upside down. We are rarely given the opportunity to be part of a huge historical event. CoViD19 pandemic and our responses will rival the crises of the Cold War, or the Spanish Flu. For the first time, we can scientifically track the pandemic as it proceeds, and our communities are beginning to open again. Lessons will be learned. What worked? What should we do differently next time? Some things will change forever. Safe bets: there will be less commuting, and less business travel. Other thoughts: will there be more home delivery? Which restaurants will survive? Will people cook more at home? How will elder care change?

Let’s do our part to record this history. Please take some time (most of us have some to spare!) to post up to 200 words on our Facebook page about a day in your pandemic life. What did you do today? What were you NOT allowed to do today? What do you really miss? What do you consider a Godsend? Did you have any CoViD dreams? What worked for you? What didn’t? What might be different after CoViD 19? Share your thoughts: deep, light, sad, it does not matter. What matters is that we make a record of what we are going through, and how we experience one of the most significant events any of us has ever witnessed. You are Highlands History. Join us in recording the present, for the future. ( Remember: what you post on Facebook is public. We will archive these, and may share these outside the community.

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