Brand New Walking Tour

Join us for a walking tour! The Highlands neighbourhood is unique; it is a living museum of Edmonton’s Architectural History. We will see buildings from before WW I, ultra modern houses, beautiful Elm urban canopy, and much more! This year, the neighbourhood renewal project will make much of “South Highlands” impassable, so we will concentrate on 112 Avenue and North. So don’t think that you’ve seen this tour before, it’s new!  

Where: Meet at the corner of 65 Street and 112 Avenue (Beside the Gibbard Block, 6429 112 Avenue.)

Times: Tuesday July 6,  7 pm. Saturday July 10, 1 pm (Count on taking more than hour, including your return walk.)

Contact: Go to the “Contact Us” page. Or call 780-471-3931. Space is limited!

Cost: $10

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