Extract from William F. Brown, builder of 64th Street,

by Anita Jenkins from Vol 7 No 2 (Fall 1996) of the HHS Newsletters.

As soon as he heard about the plans for new subdivision called The Highlands, William F. Brown was in line for a building permit. His was the fourth one to be taken out.

In 1912, he and his father-in-law Cephas Sissons constructed a house for the Brown family at 11304-64 St. For just over 50 years (until 1963 when his wife died). Mr Brown would remain in the Highlands, playing an active role in the community and … building 9 houses in the area.

Originally from Ontario, Mr. Brown first arrived in Edmonton just after the turn of the century. For several years before moving to the Highlands, he and his wife Mabel and two young daughters Reita and Marjorie, lived on 115 Street which was then the West end of the city.

The Highlands walking tour guide names the house at 11108 – 64 Street after Mr. Brown because he lived there with his family for a number of years. But Mr. Brown and his extended family actually lived in 4 or 5 of the many houses he constructed.

If you walk down 64th Street between 111th and and 112th Avenues you will pass seven of Mr. Brown’s construction projects. … it’s interesting to note how different each house is …

Mr. Brown was heavily involved in the building of the Highlands United Church and the Highlands Community League.

And says Mrs. Hammond [Mr. Brown’s daughter] “The Highlands Golf Club was his baby.” He devoted a lot of energy to translating wishes into reality – meeting with City officials…and spending uncounted hours on planning and organizing. He acted as President at the first meeting of the new Club, where an official President was elected and Mr. Brown became the first secretary-Treasurer.

…Most of the information for this article was obtained from the transcript of an interview with Marjorie Brown Hammond, conducted by members of the Oral History Committee of the Highlands Historical Foundation…

To see the whole article, join the HHS and you can read this and dozens of others. And/or join us Tuesday July 6 or Saturday July 10. This house is on our tour! ‘Contact us’ through the website.

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